The Limitless Program Consulting Group is honored to have the opportunity to partner with you and subsequently your business! Our mission is to provide best practices to elevate organizational productivity, sustainably, and impact.

The Beginning

The Limitless Program Consulting Group was founded by the desire to provide intimate and tailored program/project management and grant services/oversight to businesses.


Because if businesses are more efficient in the way they operate then there is a cascading positive effect. Clients are pleased and businesses flourish as a result. Additionally, staff are able to produce at higher levels, their confidence increases, morale significantly improves, and the quality of their professional and personal lives undergo a positive trajectory. That founding belief and principle along with a never ending burning desire to be impactful is what continues to fuel the TLP Consulting Group.

If this is your first time on our web page, please take your time to become familiar with us and our services. We look forward to hearing from and eventually working with you. If you’re a familiar presence, we extend the warmest welcome return to you and look forward to reconnecting.

Be sure to read our blog which has a new feature every month and contains valuable insight regarding the ebbs and flows of program/project management and grant services/oversight. Feel free to leave us a comment regarding any topics you would like to see featured. We will do our best to oblige all requests.

While this website provides a comprehensive overview of the TLP Consulting Group, we can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn and Pinterest. We look forward to connecting with you on one, several, or all of these platforms.