At best, I was vaguely aware of the importance of utilizing project management processes. At worst, I did not fully embrace its necessity of taking my company to the next level I was seeking to achieve. However after meeting with the TLP consultants, through the passage of time, I began to truly understand the power and necessity of consistently incorporating project management into the daily operations of my company. The benefits….an increase of not only new clients but repeat clients who express satisfaction with our services!

Trisha Washington

Operational Manager

Sometimes a change in perspective is needed in order to elevate. This is what the TLP consultants did for the team as we navigated the sometimes murky waters of operational and program management. To be honest, we were so used to operating in chaos we were a bit hesitant to implement and maintain the new tools that were introduced to us. We decided to try and stick with them because we knew what we were doing wasn’t working. Eventually, our team was able to see the rewards of the new processes. We now operate more efficiently and deadlines are met on time! Thank you to the TLP Consulting Group for your relentless dedication and hard work.

Genia Vanterpool

Resort Manager

My business is relatively young and we struggled with applying for grants successfully. That changed when we hired The Limitless Program Consulting Group. They taught us which grants were in direct alignment with our services and were a good fit for our mission/vision. Then, they led the process in applying for and submitting the proposals. Because of their insight and experience, we have been awarded several grants. They even help with managing the grant they helped us to get!

Jamon Liburd


Honesty, integrity, and dedication are just a few of the adjectives that describe the TLP consultants. The consistency and discipline towards ensuring that my company’s project was a success was truly impressive. They listened actively to the needs and provided successful strategies in addressing them. I highly recommend this team for any program management projects.

Henry Powell

Non-Profit Manager

My business primarily operates through healthcare grants that we receive. Due to an unexpected reorganization, we were in need of consultants to manage our grant related projects. The Limitless Program Consulting Group developed and implemented excellent management processes that enabled our company to meet various project targets. Equally important was their precision in writing, editing, and submitting mandated reports in a timely manner.

Sybil Mack

Public Health Analyst

Our company now has grant management systems in place which allows us to perform with confidence when providing grant services. Many thanks to the TLP Consulting Group consultants!

Jane White

Grants Management Specialist

I can be demanding to work with and for because I work in an industry that doesn’t allow room for any mistakes. I’m also a typical type A personality. It took me awhile to find a consulting company that would be a good fit for myself and my business. I am truly in awe with the patience that was consistently shown to me especially as I sometimes pivoted away from one direction to a different but better suited plan. The TLP consultants provided invaluable project management that has served several of my major projects well. The outcomes that I expected were exceeded and they are always the first people I call when I need strategic thinkers to guide and facilitate my projects.

Je’Neal Furet

Administrative Executive

The TLP consultants provided my company with cost saving project management planning and evaluation and now we have improved performance and high efficiency.

Anna John