We are committed to providing you with the right mix of services that work for your business.

Program & Project Management

We provide comprehensive program and project management services for our clients, which include:

Project Planning and Execution

Your company has been awarded a big contract, but what comes next? With our project planning and execution service, we help you define a plan to meet your goals. We also help you determine short and long-term goals and integrate them into your project management plan.

Business Operational Management

Operational planning helps you streamline processes and determine what works for your organization. We work with you to create a viable plan for how you effectively manage your business. The result will be seamless, reusable processes and templates that will continuously serve your operational business needs.

Goal Tracking and Benchmarking

Having and setting goals is one thing; tracking them through completion is another. Making the connection is where we can help! We work with your organization to create measurable goal tracking processes that will give you a clear picture of your progress.

Program Evaluation

How do you measure business success? Can improvements be made? Program evaluation isessential to continually improve your business. We partner with your business or organization to conduct a complete program analysis that includes an assessment of your current processes, procedures and a detailed improvement plan.

Grant Writing/Oversight

We provide comprehensive grant services for our clients, which include:

Grant Readiness Reviews

Are you ready to apply for grants? We evaluate the existing state of your business/organization to determine your eligibility and readiness for the grant application process. We will work with you on strategies to properly position your business/organization for grant awardee eligibility, including qualifying for niche grants and programmatic tweaks to maximize your grant opportunities.

Federal and Private Grant Writing Support

We guide our clients through the grant writing process from start to finish. This process includes soliciting grants within your business/organization’s eligibility, guidance with grant requirements, and working with your business/organization to write and submit grant proposals.

Post Grant Award Support

Grants have complex requirements that need to be met continually. This includes well-organized financial records, proper document control, and being “audit-ready” at any time. We work with you to ensure that your business/organization has the proper operational processes to meet these requirements. We also perform a post-submission review on ways to better position your business/organization to successfully receive grants in the future.

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