Building the Perfect Organizational Chart

Mar 27, 2022 | Business Management | 0 comments

By Colin Fritz

Company culture is so important to successfully run a business, and creating the right organization chart is a key cog in achieving great culture. Luckily, businesses have explored this space for years, and have created many iterations of successful org charts that can serve as templates or guides for your own organization to create a cohesive structure. Here are some quick tips for creating the right internal chart for your business and your team to succeed!

Divide and Conquer

The very nature of a company is to be connected, and small businesses can expect roles to have a wide reach of duties and tasks. With that said, it’s important to establish clear lines and connections between employees, so that the chart most accurately defines how people should work together and how they should communicate. When an org chart becomes too messy and convoluted, a great tip is to start breaking your organization up into smaller factions. This can both create strong team identities while also establishing clear lines of communication.

Use Software

One thing that may be holding you back from creating or revamping your internal structure is the immense amount of time it can take to create. However, programs exist that are specialized for this service, rather than just doing so with the basics in a writing application. One of our favorites, Creately, minimizes excess by hiding information in clickable links rather than on the chart itself. It’s a great resource to keep clutter out, which in an org chart is very important.

Consider All The Options

There are many tried and true models to explore with your business to see what works best with your team. Whether you take on a Functional Structure, which is good for a simple structure with clearly outlined responsibilities, or a Program oriented structure, which centers around companies with different aspects that all have unique operations, there are many formats that will help you outline how your business should be running.

Creating a small business is challenging, but so too is ensuring that it is operating close to the height of it’s efficiency. A strong org chart and plenty of thoughtfulness when creating internal systems is key.


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