Change Management: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Oct 28, 2022 | Business Management | 0 comments

By: Hailey Jacobs

Change is constant, and it’s how people and organizations grow. Your business is no exception to the fundamental law of change. However, change can also be a messy process that leads to major disruptions in a company culture when thrust upon people with no warning. Careful and considered change management can help the business to achieve its collective goals and turn the process into a positive, learning based endeavor rather than one of chaotic upset. 

What is Change Management?

Change management, defined broadly, refers to how organizations prepare for, and them implement, a change in how they operate. In general, it focuses on employee adaptation to those changes as they, generally, have little say in how or what changes take place, and adaptability is vital for the overall success of the organization. 

Change management can be applied to any aspect of organizational change, from something as large as operational processes, to something as small as an employee being promoted to a higher position than before. It can also focus on larger scale projects like implementing new software solutions or completely revamping work environments. Whatever the scope of the change, there are best practices that businesses should follow when managing those changes to ensure their employees are able to keep up with the pace without feeling overwhelmed, and even thrive in the new environment. 

Why is Change Management Important?

Change management is necessary because change is inevitable for an organization that wishes to stay the course and even thrive in a business environment that is itself, ever changing. Much like natural selection, businesses that fail to change with the times and new realities run the risk of being left behind. Good change management can help your company succeed on every level, be it through avoiding interpersonal conflicts brought about through changes on the micro level to employee responsibilities, or mass confusion brought about from large scale organizational process changes. 

At the TLP Consulting Group, we are masters of change management. We help business owners, be they large or small, learn what change management is, and how they can apply that to their unique situation. We give you the tools that you need to weather any change, be it large or small. Our expert team is standing by to help give you the consultation and training you need to properly handle any change in your business. Contact us today to request a proposal or a free, 30-minute consultation with our care team!


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