How Social Management Can Lead to a Better Business

Sep 30, 2022 | Business Management | 0 comments

By Dallas Jones

Human beings are inherently social creatures, it’s just how we’re wired. A plurality of people prefer in person interactions to the digital sphere, and this is something that business owners can use to their advantage, alongside the need of people to take their interactions to an increasingly digitized space. People want to be engaged with and understood on a personal level and having a business that utilizes social intelligence is a deep-seated need.

Social intelligence refers simply to any one person’s ability to understand themselves and others. They are self and socially aware and can adapt to the social situation that they find themselves in. Employees that have social intelligence can better relate to your customers and set your business up for success.

Social intelligence and its impact on business can perhaps best be seen through the lens of business marketing. Through this lens, a brand is understood much like a human being. A person who knows themselves, their wants, needs, and desires, is better able to communicate those things to others than a person who’s otherwise clueless. The same is true with brands. The most successful brands are the ones that possess, and can communicate, a clear vision of who they are. When this is combined with the powerhouse of social media, which makes people feel as though they are interacting with a real person even when they aren’t, a socially intelligent marketing manager can turbo charge a marketing strategy and truly connect with customers where it matters: on an emotional level.

One of the keyways that marketing managers can do this is by making the business seem to “come alive” on the digital level. After all, studies have found that 85% of customers expect to be able to receive a response from a company online within six hours. The need of people to connect extends to businesses.

Through developing social intelligence, a business owner can learn more about what their customers need from them and develop a strategy that delivers it effectively. People are loyal to those that they believe understand them, and this is no different than brands. When your customers believe that you care and understand, they come back, and they bring other like-minded individuals with them.

At the Limitless Consulting Group, we believe that every business has the intrinsic capability to succeed, no matter their venture. We can provide training and tips to help business owners cultivate the social intelligence necessary to accelerate their marketing efforts and reap those increased rewards. Contact us today to request a proposal or a free 30-minute consultation.


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