How to become ”Grant Ready” Today

Jul 31, 2022 | Grants Management | 0 comments

By: Milly Whitehouse

Is it time for your organization to apply for grants? Getting adequately prepared is an important step before you even start filling out your applications. Read on for our tips on how to get “grant ready,” along with how we at TLP Consulting Group can help you through our Grant Readiness Review service.

Tips for Preparing for Grant Applications

Here are our top tips for preparing for your next grant application.

  1. Check your eligibility: Don’t waste your precious time applying for grants for which your organization is not even eligible. Double check the eligibility requirements before you start filling out your application.
  2. Determine organizational resources available for grant application: Does your organization have the resources – meaning the personnel, time, etc. – to dedicate to this grant application? Are your stakeholders in support of applying for this grant?
  3. Determine organizational resources available for grant execution: Not only is it important to have the appropriate resources for the application, but it is also important to have the resources available to execute the terms of the grant.
  4. Ensure you understand the grant requirements: Knowing the requirements of the grant you’re applying for is important before you even apply. Can you meet the requirements? Do you understand the terms and conditions?
  5. Gather details regarding your project: You’ll want to be prepared with the scope of your project for which the grant is funding, including your proposed budget, a plan on how you will utilize grant funds, personnel involved, etc.
  6. Hire a grant writer: You need an experienced writer who has written grants before or, consider having a current employee trained on how to write grants. Consider paying for them to take a grant writing class, for example.
  7. Create a calendar outlining grant deadlines: When is your final grant application due? What are your internal deadlines for having pieces of the grant completed? It is helpful to keep track with a designated calendar for your grant application process to stay organized.
  8. Pay attention to the grant’s scoring criteria: Address these criteria as best you can in your actual application. Before applying, make sure you can meet the scoring criteria.
  9. Start early: Start preparing early! You want to give your organization ample time to dedicate the appropriate resources to the grant application.

Whether this is your first or your thirtieth time applying for a grant, we wish you the best of luck! With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to be well-prepared for your next application so that you can complete it to the best of your organization’s ability.

TLP Consulting Group’s Grant Readiness Reviews

Did you know that we offer Grant Readiness Reviews? If you’re ready to apply for grants, we can evaluate the existing state of your business/organization to determine your eligibility and readiness for the grant application process. We will work with you on strategies to properly position your business/organization for grant awardee eligibility, including qualifying for niche grants and programmatic tweaks to maximize your grant opportunities.


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