Project Management in a Work from Home World

Mar 1, 2023 | Project Management | 0 comments

By: Sydney Banks

Project management can be a difficult job even under the best of circumstances. In the post pandemic world, the calculus of project management has shifted dramatically thanks to one key factor – the rise of the work from home position. It’s a simple fact that most office jobs do not have to be performed in an office. It is easier than ever before for employees to telecommute. However, many employees have failed to see a compelling argument on the part of their employers’ resistance to return to the office now that pandemic era restrictions have mostly fallen by the wayside. 

This presents a problem for the project manager. How do you effectively manage a team that is geographically separated from each other, and all out of sight within their own homes? It’s a problem that many haven’t been trained for, but it is one that can be solved with a bit of ingenuity.

It’s a simple fact that the work from home environment presents many unique challenges for project managers – chief among them being distractions. It can be very difficult for employees to separate work demands from that of their home life. Children, household tasks, or even opting to partake in television or computer games can all take employees away from where their focus should be: the task at hand. 

There are many ways that project managers can help to ensure productivity in this environment though.  One such method is simply checking in with employees from time to time using instant messaging software such as Asana or Slack. Knowing that at any time a project manager may check in with them can be enough for some people to keep their focus on their job rather than any one of the numbers of tantalizing distractions present in the work from home environment. 

Furthermore, aligning the goals of the organization with the goals of the employee can help to ensure productivity. This can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from simple reminders to incentives such as bonuses, time of work, etc. 

One important thing to remember is that the chief draw of the work from home environment is flexibility. Occasionally, employees may have to step away from their desks. So long as it isn’t frequent and does not interfere with project goals or completion, it may be okay to allow this. 

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