The Importance of Great Grant Writing and Applications

Oct 10, 2021 | Grants Management | 0 comments

By Whitney Abrams

For many businesses, especially non-profits, grants are the lifeblood of the work they do. Obviously they are a funding vehicle that provides funding that these organizations need in order to continue toward their goal.They also can serve as a directing principle, with many grants coming with structures that will inform the work they do and the processes they use.

We are proud to do our part to serve these communities, and we do so in 3 major ways.

Readiness Review

The world of grants may be uncharted waters for you and your organization, and knowing when you’re ready to dive into this unknown work can be stressful. However, our role as industry veterans allows for our team to review the existing state or your business/organization, and use what we find to draw up a report breaking down your eligibility, readiness, and areas for improvement prior to undergoing the grant application process. 

If you’re ready, great! We’ll advise you to get started. For example, we will work with you on strategies to properly position your organization to best present yourself to be successful to receive an award. Many times, it’s small programmatic tweaks that will go a long way toward maximizing your grant opportunities, and we can even help narrow your focus to help you qualify for the most niche of opportunities.

Federal and Private Grant Writing Support

For our clients interested in the grant writing process, we serve as guides from start to finish, supporting them with our deep background to steer toward the best results. We cover the whole spectrum, federal to private, and we know the strategies and tweaks that will lead toward sustainable success.

From soliciting grants within your business/organization’s eligibility, guiding you on what to require from your applicants, and working with you to write and submit proposals, we are versed in the grant writing practice from start to finish.

Post Grant Award Support

Success! You’ve been awarded your grant, it’s smooth sailing from here, right?

It can be, but there’s a bit more maintenance than that in realty! Grants have complex requirements that need to be continually met in order to remain eligible. It can range from a wide variety of needs, including remaining organized when it comes to financial records, abiding by the proper document control requirements, and remaining in a constant state of being “audit-ready”.

It’s another frontier that some orgs need advising on, and it’s one that we’re happy to assist with. We work with our partners to ensure that your organization has the proper internal operating processes that meet the requirements of your specific grant, and perform a post-submission review on ways to better position you and your organization to have a bright future of receiving grants.


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