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Nov 10, 2021 | Project Management | 0 comments

By: Lawrence Katz

Innovation and change happen across every industry, and the same is true in the world of project management. From advancing technologies to new breakthrough successes, new strategies are always cropping up, and we pride ourselves on singling out the best of these new trends to bring to our partners, helping them achieve their goals better than ever. Here are some of the latest movements in the world of project management.

Heavier Reliance on Remote Communication

The confines of the average office space are no longer setting the boundaries of project management. Remote work is quickly becoming the baseline, due to greater connectivity, changing values at the corporate level, and the rise of gig-based employment. This has led to digital/remote teams becoming more common than ever before.

Before the pandemic, remote work was already a surging phenomenon, but the need for quarantining fully pushed remote work to the forefront, and it’s now estimated that up to half of U.S. workers are now using some form of telework.

This has led to a necessary shift in how work gets done, how employees communicate, and how collaboration can happen in a distanced workplace. Already companies have popped up offering tools to better work together, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack are now heavily used, rather than just a rarely leaned on tool, or just an instant messenger. 

Now that remote work has proven to be desirable for many workers, expect to see remote work stick around, and online collaboration be the new normal for many businesses.

Extra Emphasis on Strategy

Rather than just carrying out defined goals, project management is constantly taking a look inside the business and it’s operations, and successes are pushed to the front and emphasized. Project Managers are looked at not just as executors, but as thinkers who have the capability to optimize the business. This makes them a more dynamic resource to a business or organization when it comes to long-term change, rather than just single-project shepherds.

Project Management vs. Change Management

From the scope of a year, an organization or business can go through many many changes at multiple levels. From minor adjustments to complete restructuring, flexibility is more necessary now than it ever has been before, and project managers are now responsible for juggling shifting landscapes while still accomplishing their goals. According to a survey from the International Project Management Association, 63 percent of organizations conduct projects that include at least some form of change management. It’s a new hurdle for project managers to overcome, but there are strategies to overcome this, creating contingencies for change as well as a battle plan for completing a project. Going through these protocols may be superfluous, but in the face of a groundshaking shift, your team will be prepared for their next move.

Project Management is a constantly shifting field, and it takes a village to successfully complete any goal presented. However, a great consultant can help you to implement the best possible plans to remain efficient no matter what speed bumps come your way. Talk to our team today to discuss our services, and what we can tackle alongside your team.


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