Top 5 Trends in Project Management

Feb 2, 2023 | Project Management | 0 comments

By Gabrielle Brown

As we continue to progress through this year, it’s important to consider project management trends that organizations and project managers should be aware of.

Let’s chat about trends in project management.

  1. Hybrid project management: There has been an increased utilization of methods such as Scrum, Agile, and Kanban. Seemingly long gone are the days of a single project management method and reliance upon a single method. Some organizations are utilizing multiple project management methodologies at once.
  2. Importance of soft skills: While project managers need a certain set of “hard” skills, like analytical skills, soft skills are becoming just as important. These can be skills such as communication, adaptability, and more.
  3. Digital and remote work: The pandemic brought on digital and remote work for many industries, including the project management industry. This trend is here to stay. Several other factors, including the gig economy’s rise and changes in corporate values, contributed to this trend.
  4. Greater connection between strategy and projects: Traditionally, project management has involved the fulfillment of specific goals and initiatives, such as launching a single service or product. Now, however, project management across organizations has seemed to expand in scope. Project management might include accomplishing even broader organizational strategies. One of these appropriate focuses is on program and portfolio management.
  5. Change management: Now, especially considering the coronavirus pandemic, we are witnessing many organizations currently undergoing or having undergone change initiatives. Project managers have become responsible not only for their own projects, but also for these change initiatives. Did you know that more than 60% of organizations “conduct projects that include at least some form of change management?” A project manager must consider a change management plan as part of an overall project plan.

Which of these trends did you know about, and which are new to you? We hope you’ll take these into consideration for your own organization.

TLP Consulting Group’s Project Management Services

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